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Wild Cattle Designs

Small Business Commercial License

Small Business Commercial License

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Wild Cattle Designs Commercial License gives you full permission to resale printed WCD Designs.  This license only applies to small businesses (no oversea venders, redbubble, SHEIN, Amazon, aliexpress, alibaba, wish, ETC. Your order receipt of purchase is your proof of license.)

Terms of use:

1. You absolutely cannot resell any Wild Cattle Designs digital files as your own, (no gifting for free, sharing files with other people/Shop)

2. There is no limit on how much you sell of each product purchased. 

3. This license covers all Wild Cattle Deigns you have purchased.

4. You cannot use my designs to recreate your own digital files. Designs are to be used as finished products for fabric, shirts, tumblers, mugs, bags, wallpapers, clothing, hats, etc.

5. All designs belong to WILD CATTLE DESIGNS, once listing is purchased WCD grants you permission to produce finished products only. WILD CATTLE DESIGNS owns all digital file copyrights, purchasing any license does not transfer copyrights, it only allows you to have permission to use WCD files to make tangible finished products. 

6. A watermark is always required when showcasing Wild Cattle Designs files. You can use your own watermark once purchasing files.

Terms of sale:

1. Allows test patterns before printing to make sure there is no flaws. 
2. Wild Cattle Designs will not be held responsible for any printing flaws. 
3. No refunds on commercial license at all under any circumstances. 
4. Please make sure you understand all terms before purchasing, no refunds will be sent due to misunderstanding commercial license. 
5. Commercial license is designed for only small business fabric supply shops or small businesses that have 2 or more employees. If you are a small clothing shop, runs and operates solely and only by you, who produces handmade clothing, graphic tees, tumblers, freshies, phone cases, etc you do not have to purchase commercial license. If you are confused on if you need to purchase commercial license please reach out to me.   


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